Special Relay




  • heavy duty relay upto 50 amp (relé de potencia de servicio pesado)
  • can replace the below relays:

             Omron relay: MGN

             Tyco relay: PRD

             Magnecraft relay: W199

             Deltrol relay: 900


             ** more cross reference detail? please check this link **

  • multiple choices on features, LED incidator, Din rail base, Magnet, Diode, clear cover
  • wide choice of coil volts: 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
  • UL listed: E115915


  • Contact load:

          * 40 amp 28VDC, 40 amp 300 VAC

          * 50 amp 28VDC, 50 amp 300 VAC


  • configuration (changeover): 


          * 1C (SPDT)

          * 2C (DPDT)

          * 2A (DPST-NO)

          * 1X (SPST-NO)

          * 1Y (SPST-NC)


  • volts range:

          DC relay: 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V

          AC relay: 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V


  • cover choice: plain cover (clear cover)
  • functions: LED, Din rail base, Magnet, Diode, clear cover




  • BETA relay has been a relay manufacturer almost 50 years (El relé BETA ha sido un fabricante de relés durante casi 50 años.)
  • BETA relay has worked with world famous brand as their OEM/ ODM over 25 years. (Relé BETA ha trabajado con marca de fama mundial como su OEM / ODM más de 25 años)
  • Our insistence on quality and service has earned beta relay a good reputation among our users and clients.(Nuestra insistencia en la calidad y el servicio ha ganado relé beta de una buena reputación entre nuestros usuarios y clientes.)
  • We are specialized in industrial relay (BTA3, BTA2, BTA5, BTA7), general purpose relay (BLY5, BMY5, BTA6), miniature relay (BLY5, BMY5).Estamos especializados en el relé industrial (BTA3,BTA2, BTA5, BTA7), relé de propósito general (BLY5, BMY5, BTA6), relé miniatura (BLY5, BMY5).
  • See more about BETA relay, please click “ABOUT US”. (Ver más sobre relé BETA, por favor haga clic en "Sobre nosotros".)


  • Panel mount open style construction
  • Multi contact configurations up to 50 AMPS switching
  • Magnetic blowout for DC switching
  • Class B insulation system
  • Screw wire connections
  • Auxiliary switch


Contact form Screw terminal
假日價Standard Type with Auxiliary switch
30 Amp contact 50 Amp contact 30 Amp contact 50 Amp contact
平日價SPDT 假日價BT199-1C30 - BT199-1C30-B -
平日價DPDT BT199-2C30 BT199-2C50 BT199-2C30-B BT199-2C50-B
平日價DPST-NO BT199-2A30 - BT199-2A30-B -
平日價SPST-NO-DM BT199-1X30 - BT199-1X30-B -
平日價SPST-NC-DB BT199-1Y30 - BT199-1Y30-B-  
  1. This series can offer option of magnet blow out. Add BT199 suffix letter B represents the Blow-out feature For instance:BT199B-1C302.
  2. Cover for Standard Type is optional, if in need,please suffix “C” to specification. For instance: BT199-2C30-C.3. There are two options of base can be chose. Please suffix “base type code” to specification. For instance: BT199-1C30-A (din-railbase)
  3. BLANK:plain base A:din-rail base4.
  4. Pyrocondensation tube is optional for screw terminal if needed. Please suffix” D” to specification. For instance: BT199-1C30-D. If noneed, please blank


Rated voltage Coil resistance (Ω) Must operate voltage  Must release voltage  Max. voltage  Power consumption (approx.)
% of rated voltage
房型AC 平日價6V 0.86 85 30 110 10VA
平日價12V 3.2
平日價24V 12
 48V 46
110/120V  260
208V 850
220V  1040
 240V 1200
277V 1500
平日價480V 4500
DC  6V 18 80 10 2W
 12V 70
 24V 290
平日價48V 1200
 110/125V 6000
  1. The coil resistance is measured at a coil temperature of 25℃ and 35%-70% of humidity.
  2. The operating parameter is measured at a coil temperature of 25℃ indicated in the percentage of the rated voltages.
  3. The coil rated current is measured as the real current consumption under the rated voltages.
Item 1C/2C/2A/1X/1Y 2C
30 Amp contact 50 Amp contact
房型Resistive load(CosΦ=1) 30A 300VAC
30A 28VDC
50A 307VAC
50A 28VDC
Contact material AgSnO2  AgCdO17 
房型Motor 平日價1Hp 120 thru 600VAC,50/60Hz 假日價2Hp 120 thru 600VAC,50/60Hz
房型Max. switching voltage 平日價600VAC 28VDC 假日價600VAC 28VDC
房型Max. switching current 平日價30A 假日價50A
房型Max. switching power 平日價9000VA 840W 假日價15000VA,1400W
Item All Relays
房型Contact resistance 平日價100mΩ Maximum.
Operate time 20mS Maximum
房型Release time 15mS Maximum
房型Max. operating frequency 平日價Mechanical: 18,000 operations/h
Electrical: 1,800 operations/h (under rated load)
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ Minimum. At 500VDC.
Dielectric strength  Between open contact: 1500 VAC for 1 minute.
Between contact and coil: 2200VAC for 1 minute.
Between live parts and ground: 1200VAC for 1 minute.
Vibration resistance Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz, 0.5-mm single amplitude(1.0-mm double amplitude)
Malfunction: 10 to 55 Hz, 0.5-mm single amplitude(1.0-mm double amplitude)
Shock resistance Destruction: 1,000 m/s²(approx. 100G)
Malfunction: 1,00 m/s² (approx. 10G)
房型Endurance 平日價Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations min (at 18,000 operations/h)
Electrical: 100,000 operations min (at 1,800 operations/h under rated load)
Ambient temperature Operating: -30℃ to +50℃(AC); -30℃ to +65℃(DC)
Ambient humidity Operating: 5% to 85%
Weight 310g